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Japanese Doll   Isho Ningyo   Mōjin and Zōri-tori

mid-Edo period (circa 1750)

overall height   18 inches   (46cm)
Mōjin       (height without stand)   12 inches   (31cm)
Zōri-tori   (height without stand)   12 inches   (31cm)

stand :   W 14 in   (36cm)     D 9 ½ in   (24cm)     H 6 in   (15cm)

An early style of Isho Ningyo (costume dolls) from mid-Edo period, modeled after Mōjin (blind man) and Zōri-tori (man holding a sandal), probably from a scene in a play. It is thought that the man helps the blind man to find the missing sandals.

Their heads are made of sawdust-glue composite and covered with many layers of gofun (crushed oyster shell) with painted eyes. Mōjin is dressed in silk haori coat, brown velvet hakama, and rich silk brocade obi, carrying a cane. Zōri-tori is dressed in silk kimono with checkered pattern, and silk brocade obi, holding a sandal and an Amigasa hat. His mage (a topknot tied on the back of his head) is made of the same material as his head, which is a distinctive feature of early Isho Ningyo. The front of the stand with painting of plum tree, stream, phoenix and tortoise on gold leaf ground.

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